Growing the economy with agriculture

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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United N at i o n s
The preparation of Working Papers 1 to 4 resulted from the collaborative efforts of FAO staff in the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department, Forestry Department, Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, Economic and Social Department and Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, including: Mario Acunzo, Nadine Azzu, Caterina Batello, Anne Bogdanski, Sally Bunning, Barbara Burlingame, Jacop Burke, Gerard Ciparisse, Piero Conforti, Luisa Cruz, Renato Cumani, Julien Custot, Carlos Da Silva, Julien De Meyer, Sandro Dernini, Olivier Dubois, Marie-Aude Even, Thierry Facon, Lauren Flejzor, Nicole Franz, Pierre Gerber, Paolo Groppo, Vincent Gitz, Panagiotis Karfakis, Peter Kenmore, Mary Kenny, Yianna Lambrou, Andreanne Lavoie, Francesco Tubiello, Theodor Friedrich, David Hallam, Peter Kenmore, Walter Kollert, Dominique Lantieri, John Latham, Michael Macleod, Irini Maltsoglu, Alexandre Meybeck, Frank Mischler, Jamie Morrison, Noemi Nemes, David Neven, Daniela Ottaviani, Alexandra Röttger, John Ryder, Nadia El-Hage Scialabba, Florence Tartanac, Brian Thompson, Heiner Thofern, Nick Van der Graaf, Robert Van Otterdijk, Margret Vidar and Rolf Willmann. The material presented in this document further benefited from the comments of the participants to the FAO/OECD Expert Meeting (see In particular, constructive contributions and encouragements have been received from: Kwesi Atta-Krah (Bioversity International), Rajeev Baruah (BioRe), Svetlana Boincean (International Union of Workers), Cissokho Cheikh Mouhamady (ROPPA), Myrna Cunningham (UNFPII), Willy Douma (Hivos), David Edwards (Prince of Wales Sustainability), Tewolde Egziabher (Ethiopia), Moustafa Fouda (Egypt), Nikolai Fuchs (Nexus Foundation), Cristina Grandi (IFOAM), Niels Halberg (ICROFS), Hans Herren (Millennium Institute), Ulrich Hoffmann (UNCTAD), Parick Holden (Sustainable Food Trust), Teava Iro (Titikaveka Growers), Harriet Kuhnlein (McGill University), Aileen Kwa (South Centre), Juergern Matern (Metro), Sebastian Mathew (International Fishworkers Collective), Marcel Mazoyer (Agroparistech), Monique Mikhail (Oxfam), Aksel Naerstad (More and Better), Asad Naqvi (UNEP), Urs Niggli (FiBL), François Pythoud (Switzerland), Kung Wai Ong (CertAll Alliance) , Aldo Ravazzi (Italy), Luca Ruini (Barilla), Reyes Tirado (Greenpeace), Isobel Tomlinson (Soil Association), Sébastien Treyer (IDDRI), Gaëtan VanLonqueren (UN Right to Food), Edith vanWalsum (ILEA), Keith Wheeler (IUCN) and Darko Znaor. The GEA initiative was conceived and coordinated by Nadia El-Hage Scialabba, Natural Resources Management and Environment Department, FAO.