Fungal Nanotechnology Applications in Agriculture, Industry, and Medicine

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Ram Prasad
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Springer International Publishing
This chapter highlights the current status and the awaiting panorama of fungal nanotechnology in the compass of agricultural science and engineering. The existent advances, potential applications, and challenges of myconanotechnology in agri-food sector have been discussed. It summarizes some of the most promising applications of mycogenic nanomaterials in agriculture that involves nanoformula tions for increased crop yield, smart field systems with precision farming, and early disease detection measures along with crop improvement through mycomimetic models. Another aspect captivates their use in food packaging materials that possess extremely high gas barriers and antimicrobial properties and nanosensors which can detect microorganisms. There are tremendous potentials of myconanotechnology in agriculture wherein most of the research projects are in their nascent stage, and it will surely bang all doors of agri-food sector with strong intents and purposes. It conclusively focuses on possible benefits of employing myco-fabricated nano products and their novel application potentialities